The best of YouTube: #11

TC Electronic G-System: "Bring it on!"
TC Electronic G-System: "Bring it on!"

Every week MusicRadar trawls YouTube to bring you the greatest, funniest, weirdest and most interesting music clips and videos on the internet. This latest roundup offers tanks, bad suits, boy drummers and more.


1. TC Electronic G-System vs a tank!
Now, this is how you road-test multiFX products…

2. Dimebag squealing lesson
The late Pantera/Damageplan legend explains his harmonics techniques.

3. Zakk Wylde plays Farewell Ballad
And here´s Dimebag´s friend Zakk Wylde, demonstrating how he plays Farewell Ballad in a video recorded for MusicRadar´s sister magazine, Guitarist.

4. Stanley Jordan plays Stairway To Heaven
Sometimes, a cover of an often-covered song can really astonish. Not quite as astonishing as his suit, though.

5. Bert Jansch plays Black Waterside
A live performance from the BritFolk veteran Bert Jansch, a key influence on Jimmy Page and Neil Young.


1. Fatboy´s samples
Norman Cook has announced that´s he´s retiring the Fatboy Slim name - let´s mark the occasion by looking at where he got some of his most famous samples from.

2. Vangelis cuts loose (sort of)
In a week when we´ve been celebrating great movie composers, take a look at Vangelis doing a spot of synthesizer improv back in the day.

3. Advice from The Neptunes
Chad and Pharrell with some tips for wannabe producers.

4. Horn blows it
Even the greatest producers make mistakes: see Trevor Horn dropping a monitor onto his mixing desk.

5. Mario goes musical
To finish, a stunning version of John Cage´s 4´33 that was created in a sub-game from Nintendo´s Mario Paint. If that doesn´t do it for you, you could always try this rendition of Coldplay´s Clocks.


1. Dire Straits´ Sultans Of Swing drum cover
Young Matthew Mason may not be perfect, but this is impressive for a 10-year-old.

2. Travis Barker solo in studio 21
The Blink-182 drummer shows off his skills. Nice.

3. Sheila E on drums
Prince´s drummer decides: let´s go crazy. There´s more here, too. With added leotard.

4. Manu Katche
Favoured drummer of Sting and Peter Gabriel shows us what he´s got. Tidy.

5. Drumming with style
Hats, capes, dancing girls, guns - and good drums? This homemade video has the lot.

Still bored? Let Ringo Starr and The Monkees (why?) sell you 13-year-old pizza.


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