It's all over for Fatboy Slim

You ve Come A Long Way Baby but now it s over
You've Come A Long Way, Baby... but now it's over.

Norman Cook has revealed that he´s ditching the Fatboy Slim moniker that he´s been using for over a decade. The big beat champion and globetrotting DJ currently has a new album in the works (Iggy Pop is said to have collaborated), and The NME is reporting that this will be released under the name Brighton Port Authority.

While it might seem like madness to retire a brand that´s yielded multiple hit singles and presumably made Cook a small fortune, if the ex-Housemartin wants to take his music in a different direction, we can understand why a change might be in order.

Being an imaginative and creative bunch, we´re sure MusicRadar users have some ideas on what Norm´s new name should be. You´re welcome to submit your suggestions below - please try and keep it clean, though…