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TC Electronic introduces Sub 'N' Up Octaver effects pedal, the "new leader of the pitch pack"

We had our theories about what TC Electronic had in store for us - and we were sort of right - but the company has now officially revealed the latest pedal in its TonePrint line, the Sub 'N' Up Octaver.

The Sub 'N' Up features switchable polyphonic and old-school monophonic sounds spread across octave-up, octave-down and two-octave-down tones, with individual volume controls for each octave and the dry signal.

Like TC's other compact pedals, the Sub 'N' Up is compatible with artist-designed TonePrints, as well as the company's TonePrint Editor, which also allows you to add modulation effects to the octave signal.

As you'd expect, true bypass switching and 9V battery or power supply operation come as standard, and the pedal works with both guitar and bass.

That monophonic tracking and access to TC's bountiful modulation engine could give the Sub 'N' Up the edge over rival polyphonic octavers from Electro-Harmonix and T-Rex - we look forward to putting it through its paces.

TC Electronic's Sub 'N' Up is available from 19 May for £95/$129/€129.