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TC Electronic teases new guitar effects pedal

Masters of soft focus and ethereal soundtracks, the clever bods at TC Electronic have released a teaser for their latest stompbox - but what could it be?

Employing our tried-and-tested gumshoe skills, here's what we know so far:

  • It has a dry knob
  • It's red (obviously)
  • It has four knobs (or is it eight?)
  • TC Electronic has plugged just about every possible gap in its product line-up, except for one: pitch. The teaser's soundtrack certainly points towards some octave-up tones, but are those delay and reverb sounds built into the pedal, too?

Now, we may be getting carried away here (and making ourselves look very foolish come product-announcement time), but if it is indeed pitch, does that mean pitch algorithms can be added to TC's existing TonePrint portfolio? And therefore, will the Hall Of Fame be able to (gasp) shimmer?

We'll have answers to these questions and many more as soon as TC spills the beans on 2 May - we can't wait…