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Summer NAMM 2016: Ibanez introduces Artwood Vintage Thermo-Aged acoustic guitars

SUMMER NAMM 2016: Heat-aged wood is, quite literally, the hottest trend in acoustic guitars right now, and Ibanez has now joined the likes of Taylor and Martin with its new Artwood Vintage Thermo-Aged range.

Wood chosen for the new line of guitars is heated in a vacuum to release water and decompose resin, creating a light, hard and stable tonewood - just like one that's been dried for decades - while providing a stronger acoustic response.

A full-bodied low-end and smooth treble sustain is promised for the guitars, which come in three guises: dreadnought, grand concert and parlour, featuring a choice of two tops (mahogany and Sitka spruce).

So far, so good. However, what's surprising is the price point: $599 for acoustics with a solid Thermo-Aged top, $899 for guitars with a Thermo-Aged back. We'll be keeping a close eye on these when they land later this year - until then, the full range is up on the Ibanez website.