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SUMMER NAMM 2015: Roland announces JC-40 Jazz Chorus guitar amp

SUMMER NAMM 2015: Celebrating the 40-year legacy of iconic Jazz Chorus guitar amps such as the JC-120, Roland has launched a more compact incarnation, the JC-40.

Like the JC-120 it's based on, the JC-40 offers a stereo clean tone via two 10-inch speakers, as well as Roland's trademark Dimensional Space Chorus effect for widescreen shimmer.

In addition, the amp offers updated vibrato, distortion and reverb effects, as well as a stereo input for use with synths and stereo effects, plus a stereo serial/parallel effects loop, headphones jack and footswitch control of the amp's effects.

The JC-40 will be available later this year for £575 - head over to Roland UK for more info.