Spinal Tap's Derek Smalls blogs

Spinal Tap (Derek Smalls with moustache)
Spinal Tap (Derek Smalls with moustache)

Fictional bassist Derek Smalls has hinted at a Spinal Tap "tribute production" in the form of acoustic shows staged by Tap actors Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer.

Smalls (played by Shearer) made the comments in a Guardian Unlimited blog, posted to commemorate the 25 years since This Is Spinal Tap was released.

As well as hinting at acoustic shows that would feature "Tap songs among other, less powerful, selections", Smalls reflected on the last quarter-century of the band's existence - including some of the mishaps that plagued their now-infamous American tour:

"Many nights on the road […] we found our way to the stage just fine, no problem. […] Next, when Tap played Royal Albert Hall in '93, the Stonehenge was too big to fit in the venue. So, it's hard to get these things exactly right."

The bassist also mused upon his ongoing problem with hearing loss:

"And who would have known, 25 years ago, that being in one of England's loudest bands, and standing next to a succession of England's loudest drummers, would result in severe high-frequency hearing loss? Obviously, not me."

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