Skindred - Kill The Power review

While 2011's Union Black was a riotous critical success, it didn't quite deliver the major breakthrough for Skindred that many expected.

How have they looked to put that right? Well, for Kill The Power they drafted in songwriting guru and former Argent guitarist Russ 'Since You Been Gone' Ballard. In fact, it quickly becomes apparent that hooks are a major theme of this record.

Sorry, make that hooks and huge riffs. The opening title track is a prime slab of classic Skindred ragga-rock with big sing-along choruses. Guitarist Mikey Demus earns his crust on Ninja and The Kids Are Right Now - the latter skips from tasty, chunky chug-a-thon to dubstep-lite, via one of the record's handful of standout Demus solos.

If there is one misstep, though, We Live could be a Simple Plan B-side and smacks a little too much of a band seeking out its crossover hit. Other than that, it's killer.

4 out of 5

Rich Chamberlain

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