Scott Ian's top 5 AC/DC riffs

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GUITARS AND AMPS EXPO 2014: Scott Ian has to be one of the biggest AC/DC fans in the music fraternity. Driven by their bar-room brawling, old school rock 'n' roll vibe, Ian could talk all day about the Young brother's guitar playing.

Here's what he had to say when we asked him to narrow down his love of AC/DC to just five riffs...

Riff Raff

"Powerage was the first AC/DC album I bought and, although Sin City would be a more obvious riff to choose, for me Riff Raff is the song. When I first heard that riff kick in I thought, 'Man, I gotta learn how to play this!'"

Kicked In The Teeth

"This riff has always grabbed me. It's so simple, but that's what makes AC/DC so great. Malcolm can just hit an A chord and it sounds better than anyone else."

Let There Be Rock

"Me and my buddies used to jam with this all day, it was so much fun. I just had to learn all the parts. I think this song was their first real anthem."

Whole Lotta Rosie

"There's so much power and simplicity in this riff. The thing about AC/DC riffs is that they are as catchy as the chorus - you can sing the riff to someone and they will instantly know what song it is."

Ride On

"This kinda shows the other end of the AC/DC spectrum; they were just a really great bar-room boogie blues band. That they can pull it so far back and still sound so powerful is amazing. This is also Bon Scott's finest moment."


AC/DC - Back In Black video lesson

Angus young

Angus young

Image © Michael Hurcomb/Corbis

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