Save the planet with Lace Aluma P bass pickups

Al Gore invented these. That's what he told us anyway
Al Gore invented these. That's what he told us anyway

As musicians, we want to leave our marks on the world. Our carbon marks, mmm, not so much. So, in honor of Earth Day, Lace Music Products introduces its new replacement bass pickup, the Aluma P.

And what, you're no doubt asking, could a bass pickup have to do with Earth Day? Well, due to its unique design the Aluma P shares with other Alumitone Lace pickups, they are a low impact for Mother Earth - all while offering incredible tone and performance. Alumitone technology helps reduce the need for natural resources and the energy required to produce pickups in general, while producing a zero-noise and full-fidelity tone.

The Aluma P system is one of the new "current driven" designs incorporating patented and patent pending technology from Lace. Using two separate pickups for the high and low strings without the need for a "bucking" traditional setup, the Aluma P generates high-output clarity with huge bottom. This tone and output were previously available only with a preamp. The Aluma P not only eliminates the need for a preamp, but it nixes the noise. What's more, the pickups will work in four, five, and six-string basses.

Formally introduced for Earth Day, the revolutionary Aluma P and Alumitone family of pickups use 95 percent less copper wire then standard pickup designs. By reducing the need for copper, Lace saves valuable resources, reduces open pit mining and the very high energy need for converting copper ore to fine wire. The all-passive Aluma P system technology also eliminates the need for a battery powered preamp, another source of pollution. Batteries are, of course, laden with highly toxic chemicals and most often find themselves in landfills.

We were thinking of gassing up the limo and riding out to our private jet, then swinging down to the Lace factory to scope out some of these picks. Then we thought, Why not just ride the bike to the music store? Hey, we do our part too. Suggested US list price is $159.00 for a system in black anodize, and $179.00 in chrome. For more information, visit the official Lace Music website.


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