Sammy Hagar announces Redrocker Ohio Giveaway

If you're a Midwest Red Rocker, you could be in luck!
If you're a Midwest Red Rocker, you could be in luck! (Image credit: Scott D. Smith/Retna Ltd./Corbis)

Live in the Ohio area or plan to be visiting on or around 17 September 2011? If so, Sammy Hagar has a little contest for you.

Turns out the Red Rocker is playing the Nationwide Arena in Columbius, Ohio on that date, and he's offering up 26 pairs of general admission tickets and 15 pairs of onstage tickets. If you're able to make it to the gig and follow the contest rules, here's how you can win.

Contest One: A Pair Of General Admission Tickets

To win a pair of general admission tickets, visit Sammy Hagar's official website and then go to Facebook or Twitter and post a caption to the photo below. If you post on Twitter make sure to include the hashtag #REDOHIO. The 26 most creative, off-the-wall and funniest captions will be picked as winners. (Note: do not post captions on MusicRadar, as they won't be counted.)

Contest Two: A Pair Of Onstage Tickets

Now, this is pretty cool! To win a pair of onstage tickets, you have to make a video explaining why you're the Biggest Columbus, Ohio Redhead. Follow the directions on Sammy Hagar's website and go for it! The 15 most creative, touching and amazing clips win.

Need some inspiration? Check out this entry entitled 'Sammy Help!!!'

Again, you have to follow all contest rules, be of legal age and have a way of getting to the show. Good luck!

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