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Ripcord lets you power your synths, pedals and amps over USB

It's one thing to have a portable music making setup that you can fit in a backpack, but you still need some way of powering it. It's not so much of a problem if all you have is a fully-charged laptop or iPad and a MIDI controller, but what if your rig also contains compact synths, FX pedals and an amp, for example?

That's where Ripcord comes in. This is designed to add a USB powering option to all manner of hardware devices, so you can run them from your laptop, phone or USB powerbank, for example.

It comprises a tangle-free, supposedly durable cable with a USB plug on one end and a power plug on the other. It comes with a range of adapters to fit as many devices as possible.

Ripcord is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, with pledges starting at €12 for a single cable.