Red Witch Violetta Delay

GUITARS AND AMPS EXPO 2014: Violetta Delay, the first in the Original Chrome Series, offers a myriad of stunning features: 1000m/sec of delay time, from the slap back rockabilly passion of Scotty Moore to the breath taking delay drenched sonic landscapes of post rock ambiance.

  • Dial in a single repeat or select infinite repeats and disappear into a wonderland of self-oscillation runaway.
  • Utilize the expression pedal output to control the repeats with your foot (use the Moog EP-2 exp pedal).
  • Dial in every extreme of modulation - from the shimmering beauty of a gentle lilting mod through to the pitch shifting echoplexian wow and flutter of an old tape echo.

"A delay that shines in more ways than one" - Trevor Curwen (Guitarist)

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