PRS reveals Experience 2010 Recording Amps

PRS experience 2010 amps

PRS experience 2010 amps

PRESS RELEASE: As the world continues to move toward home recording, PRS is proud to offer a twenty-five piece limited run of Experience PRS 2010 Recording Amps.

External switches on many gain and tone components that are normally inaccessible create a nearly infinite tonal and gain palate, making this "universal" amp perfect for recording.

At this year's open house Experience PRS event, famed producer Peter Denenberg and guitarist Nick Moroch led special home recording demonstrations, which showcased the amp's ability to go from metal to super clean tones and cover everything in between. "We're very happy with this amp. It sounds highly musical," said Paul Reed Smith.

These amps are available in both black tolex and paisley coverings, and both options come standard with distinctive curly maple panels.

PRS was also proud to unveil its first two-channel amplifier, in pre-production form, at Experience PRS 2010. A unique gain channel circuit blends vintage and modern tones making this an extremely versatile and flexible amplifier. An effects loop with adjustable send and return is also featured.

Designer Doug Sewell stated, "This amp is an exciting foray into newer design, tone, and feature territories. My love for single channel amps guided this project from start to finish as I wanted to avoid some of the inherent compromises associated with some switchers. I worked hard on allowing each channel to stand on its own short of building two separate amps in one box and kept it as simple and intuitive to use as possible. I personally find it very addictive and great fun to play."

Only twenty of these hand wired, numbered, and signed units were produced for the event.

To round out the amplifier offering, PRS offered a very limited number of Sweet 16 and PRS 30 amps with special aesthetic appointments, including some with classic tan and brown tolex covering and others with stained curly maple fascias. These amps all incorporate the latest updates and tweaks as the PRS Amplifier team continues their quest for uncompromised tone.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit PRS Guitars

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