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PRS announces SE Ace Signature guitar

After playing PRS's USA-made Singlecuts for 15 years, Ace - guitarist for multi-platinum Brit-rockers Skunk Anansie - has landed his own signature guitar.

Based on the guitarist's customised Singlecuts, the SE Ace Signature features a solid mahogany body and bevelled maple cap, teamed with Ace's fav SE 245 pickups.

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Elsewhere, the guitar features a Wide Thin neck carve, 635mm (25-inch) scale length and a PRS vibrato system - and you even get a swallow in-flight sticker, just like the one featured on Ace's own guitars.

The SE Ace Signature is limited to 180 guitars in Europe, with an RRP of £749. For more info, check out the video above and the PRS Europe website.