Post your unfinished songs on

Donate your unwanted musical snippets and download other people s
Donate your unwanted musical snippets and download other people's.

If you´re anything like us, your hard drive will be full of unfinished songs - bits of music that never quite got past the ideas stage. Maybe you couldn´t quite work out which direction to take a track in, or simply decided that it was… well, a bit rubbish.

Chances are that many of these loops, grooves and phrases are being left to rot, never to be worked on again, but now you can give them a new lease of life by setting them free on

The idea is simple: you post your rifflets - musical clips of less than 60 seconds - for others users to listen to and download. With any luck, some other musician will be able to do what you couldn´t and turn your idea into a finished song. And of course, you can also browse and download other people´s musical off-cuts.

All the content on the site is tagged, so it´s easy to search by instrument type. MusicRadar is desperate for a Polynesian nose flute lick to finish of its jazz/punk opus, so we're off to try and find it.

(Via Synthtopia)