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Positive Grid launches BIAS Distortion, the world's first tone match distortion pedal

It's been in the works for some time, but Positive Grid's BIAS Distortion, the world's first tone match distortion pedal, is very nearly here.

BIAS Distortion integrates with PG's BIAS Pedal desktop/mobile app, which gives users the ability to match the sound of any distortion pedal in the world, plus create their own, right down to the transistors and IC chips.

This integrates with the pedal via Bluetooth (iOS app only) or USB; up to 20 presets can then be stored in the pedal via an A/B bank system, which is controllable via MIDI or external expression pedal.

PG's Tonecloud allows users to share and download other user-created distortion sounds, too.

Elsewhere, the pedal packs three types of pre- or post-distortion boosts, true bypass switching and USB or 9V power supply operation.

Visually, the pedal has certainly advanced from the Atari-style prototype PG unveiled back in May, and joins the BIAS Head in PG's growing catalogue of physical products.

It's available to preorder on 20 October via Positive Grid - we're not sure on the RRP just yet, but we do know that the BIAS Pedal app will be bundled with the physical pedal.