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Positive Grid finalises design for world's first Tone Match distortion pedal

Modelling behemoth Positive Grid has unveiled the final design for BIAS Distortion, the world's first Tone Match distortion pedal.

The company issued an online vote to choose a favourite design, the winner being the natty - and rather Moog/Atari-esque - 'Wooden Vintage' look you see above.

Via integration with PG's BIAS Pedal mobile and desktop apps, the BIAS Distortion pedal allows you to design your ideal dirt box and stick it on your pedalboard, as well as Tone Match and tweak existing real-world stompboxes, right down to the transistors.

Four banks with three presets each will be available for storing sounds, while the pedal's separate pre- or post-distortion boost is footswitchable, too.

We were floored by the flexibility of BIAS Pedal - as you'll know from our review - so the possibility of taking custom-made distortions to rehearsal and the stage is very exciting indeed. There's no word on price yet, but you can expect BIAS Distortion to drop in Q3 this year.