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Positive Grid launches BIAS Head with Amp Match

Fine purveyors of modelling software such as BIAS Professional and BIAS FX, San Diego tech co Positive Grid is now marching into modelling head territory with the BIAS Head.

The 600W standalone guitar amp offers Amp Match technology, allowing guitarists to mimic any existing amp tone, while users can also design their own amps component by component, thanks to integration with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop.

25 factory presets are included, and by using BIAS Amp, infinite presets are available and downloadable from ToneCloud.

As well as front-panel controls for the likes of model type, tube stages and topology, BIAS Head offers external pedal input, MIDI in/out, balanced/unbalanced line out and USB connections.

BIAS Head is available to preorder from Positive Grid on 3 March for $1,299; official release is expected to be Q3 2016.