Pete Doherty: "Babyshambles are the greatest band in the world"

Pete Doherty likes Dig Out Your Soul
Pete Doherty likes Dig Out Your Soul

Pete Doherty has fired the opening salvo in a potential war of words with the Gallagher brothers, claiming that Oasis are "no competition" and that Babyshambles are "the greatest [band] in the world".

Speaking to, Doherty revealed his admiration for the latest Oasis LP Dig Out Your Soul: "With Oasis stepping up a gear and proving they've still got it, they need to be shown there are people out there who can surpass them."

The former Libertine continued: "Can we match them? The quality is good, but there really is no competition because my band is the greatest in the world and we're going to prove it."

Whether Babyshambles album number three will prove that Babyshambles are the greatest band in the world remains to be seen. For many Libertines fans, they're not even the greatest band that Pete Doherty has been in.

We await the inevitable pithy response in Noel Gallagher's next blog post. Indeed, it's worth checking out his tour blog right now to read an amusing anecdote about a sex turkey.

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