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Oasis' Falling Down remix is 22 minutes long


Noel Gallagher honoured the Amorphous Androgynous with the task of remixing Falling Down because they're "one of the best things" he's "ever, ever heard." Now, the remix is finished with "staggering" results…

"It's 22 mins long. I'll repeat that, TWENTY-TWO MINUTES LONG!!," blogs Gallagher. "I fully expect 50% of you not to have the attention span to deal with something like that but the rest of you, I hope, will be blown away."

"It's a staggering piece of music," he continued. "Monumental even. All superlatives will apply."


So, if you couldn't handle the nine minutes and 20 seconds (and the two minutes and two seconds reprise) worth of All Around The World, welcome to the 50% of Oasis fans with attention deficiency.

Everyone else should get themselves a copy of Falling Down on 9 March, the third single from last year's album Dig Out Your Soul.