Next Robert Plant/Alison Krauss record to be "different"

Krauss and Plant taking their time on second collaboration
Krauss and Plant taking their time on second collaboration (Image credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Corbis)

Although it's a safe bet to say it won't sound like Led Zeppelin, Alison Krauss is predicting that her next collaboration with Robert Plant won't be anything like Raising Sand either.

"It'll be different, as if we hadn't made the first," Krauss says. "I love being in the world of the unknown."

Raising Sand, the phenomically successful cross-genre pairing of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, which sold over 2.5 million albums worldwide, was the star of this year's Grammy Awards, taking the big prize of Album Of The Year.

Second record may take a while

"He's very passionate about music...That's a really infectious, wonderful thing to be around" Alison Krauss on Robert Plant

Although at the time of the awards ceremony, Krauss said she, Plant and returning producer (and band member) T-Bone Burnett were in "pre-production," the singer and fiddler now says that they have only recently had listening sessions to discuss potential material.

Whatever shape the sophmore release takes, Krauss is excited about continuing her artistic partnership with Plant. "He's very passionate about music," she says.

"We were riding around making the record and he goes, 'Do you think something's wrong with me? My kids say, 'We want a real dad, can't you be a normal dad?' and I'm like, 'They're going to be waiting a long time.'

"He's like [she speaks at double speed], 'Listen to this, this Egyptian singer, can you believe it, blaaaah…' Just crazy. That's a really infectious, wonderful thing to be around."

(Source: The Telegraph)

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