New Aerosmith album due in 2012, says producer Jack Douglas

Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the rest of Aerosmith are returning to their classic sound on the band's upcoming album. © Anil Sharma ./Retna Ltd./Corbis

Aerosmith's new album should be out sometime around May 2012. This information comes from somebody who should know: producer Jack Douglas.

Having helmed some of the group's classic '70s recordings, namely Toys In The Attic and Rocks, Douglas has been working with Perry, Tyler and co for the past couple of months on the first batch of new material to come from Aerosmith since 2001's Just Push Play.

In a posting on the band's official website via Blabbermouth, Douglas writes, "The new album should be out around May 2012. I know that's a long wait, but after the South American tour and Japan in October, November and December, we will just get back to work on it in mid-January."

In addition, the producer gives a hint at what fans can expect from the finished disc. "For those who are asking, this album will be raw, nasty, tough rock with a good deal of the old Aerosmith 'tongue in cheek.'"

'Raw and nasty' were, until recently, adjectives used to describe relations between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler. Nice to know they apply once again to the music.

Joe Bosso

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