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NAMM 2017: Vox launches 3 'revolutionary' Nutube MV50 guitar amps

NAMM 2017: Vox showcased its "revolutionary" Nutube mini-valve technology at NAMM 2016, but this year, it's releasing its first guitar amp with the tech onboard: the MV50.

Available in three flavours - Clean, AC and Rock - the MV50 weighs a mere 500g (1.1lbs) yet delivers 50W of output power via a Class D power amp.

As well as a snazzy VU meter, each amp packs three controls (gain, volume and tone for the AC and Rock; treble, bass and volume for the Clean), as well as an EQ switch to add or cut low-end for pairing with different cabinets, plus a line/headphone out with cab emulation.

Vox has also introduced two new speaker cabinets matched to the MV50: the BC108 and BC112, the former with an 8" speaker, the latter with a 12" Celestion V-Type.

Both feature semi-open back construction, an oval port to enhance lows, bracing to increase resonance and a front-mounted speaker for improved projection.

For those uninitiated in Nutube, it's a low-power, low-voltage vacuum tube equivalent, which operates in the same manner as a triode vacuum tube while offering "power-saving and quality" enhancements - all of which makes the announcement of these amps very exciting indeed.

All three amps will be available in spring for a tidy $199.99 apiece, while the BC108 clocks in at $99.99.