NAMM 2017: Is John Mayer's 'JMOD-100' signature PRS amp waiting in the NAMM wings?

NAMM 2017: Eagle-eyed PRS fans appear to have unearthed compelling evidence of a PRS John Mayer signature amp.

Boasting plenty of convincingly detailed spec, and even direct quotes, the reports are based on what certainly looks like a genuine PRS release sheet.

Discussing the launch, John Mayer said - allegedly - "I think amplifiers are such interesting, complex animals. The J-MOD 100 is the result of a lot of searching... what is my sound?

The J-MOD 100 is the result of a lot of searching... what is my sound?

"What are the elements of all these amps I own that should be chosen to go together in one amp and have this really distinct voice? What we ended up with is a really open and expressive amplifier that I feel is a real evolution and a step forward in guitar amps."

The result (yes, yes, allegedly), designed by Mayer, Paul Reed Smith and Doug Sewell for both live work with Dead & Company and John Mayer Trio performances, is a single channel set-up with a switchable gain stage and effects loop, all powered by four 6L tubes.

We will of course bring you the full facts if and when they're confirmed - stay tuned!


  • Watts: 100 (nominal)
  • Channels: Single-Channel with Switchable Gain Stage and Effects Loop
  • Power Tubes: 4 x 6L6
  • Preamp Tubes: 4 x 12AX7/ECC83S
  • Output Transformer: Cinemag Texas 100
  • Output Jack Configuration: Two parallel Jacks with 4 and
  • 8 Ohm selector switch, one 16 Ohm jack. (3 total jacks)
  • Bias: Fixed (adjustable)
  • Dimensions (unboxed): 26" wide, 10" tall, 10" deep
  • Weight: 39.8 lbs
  • Colors: Stealth with salt and pepper grill cloth and gold piping
  • Effects Loop: Series

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