NAMM 2014: TC Electronic announces Ditto X2 Looper

Here is is, the new and improved Ditto X2 Looper
Here is is, the new and improved Ditto X2 Looper

NAMM 2014: TC Electronic has announced the Ditto X2 Looper, an update to the popular Ditto Looper.

The new pedal features all the good stuff from the original, with a couple of new additions, including a two button user interface, a stereo I/O and an FX button that allows players to set off two types of loop effect, reverse and 1/2 speed.

"Looking back, we knew we had something special with Ditto Looper, but nothing could have prepared us for the runaway success we've experienced since launch," says TC Electronic's Tore Mogensen. "What we're trying to do with Ditto X2 Looper is basically continue on that wave, while adding some of our renowned innovational spirit after hearing feedback from the guitar community."

The Ditto Looper X2 will be on shelves from 1 March, priced at $179.99 / €169 / £145.

For more information visit the official TC Electronic website.

TC Electronic press release

TC Electronic announces Ditto X2 Looper, the logical heir to the looping throne after the smash hit Ditto Looper. Ditto X2 Looper houses all the features that made the original Ditto Looper such a runaway hit, while adding key additions such as a two-button UI and effects, based on feedback from the guitar community and TC Electronic's continuous drive to innovate guitar products. Ditto Looper X2 is available in stores from March 1st and will be available at $179.99 suggested US retail/ 169 € EU SSP / £145 UK SSP.

New to Ditto X2 Looper is a stereo I/O and a 2-button User Interface that allows for a dedicated stop/clear footswitch and a button for effects. The FX button allows guitarists to trigger 2 types of loop effects: reverse and ½ speed. In addition, Ditto X2 Looper allows for the import and export of loops on both PC and Mac and Ditto Looper can run backing tracks, keeping all performance essentials neatly in one place.

Of course, Ditto X2 Looper features the same true-bypass, analog dry-through design, ultra-small footprint and 24 bit uncompressed high quality audio as the original Ditto Looper. And like Ditto Looper, Ditto X2 Looper features 5 minutes of looping time, unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality.