NAMM 2014: Bohemian Guitars debuts Boho guitars

NAMM 2014 PRESS RELEASE: ANAHEIM, Calif. - Jan. 23, 2014 - In the townships of South Africa, it is not uncommon to find street musicians playing instruments created out of unconventional and recycled materials. Drawing from this inspiration, Bohemian Guitars officially launches its line of premium six-string oil can guitars at the 2014 NAMM show.

"Growing up in South Africa, we wanted to share this unique local tradition globally. We simply reimagined the design and sound of a timeliness instrument to create a one-of-kind, affordable and sustainable way to make music," said Adam Lee, CEO of Bohemian Guitars. "It's a metal body masterpiece that creates a very unique harmonically-rich sound, and we are so excited to be sharing it at NAMM this year along with our new accessories, the Bohemian Guitar Amplifier and Case."

Bohemian Guitars are perfectly balanced and lightweight. The new harmonically rich Boho Series guitars feature:

  • Single coil, humbucker, and P90 pickups
  • Twenty-six inch maple necks with 24 frets and rosewood fingerboards
  • Adjustable truss rods
  • An internal wooden structure for improved acoustic sound amplification
  • Three different design options - Surf Wax, Moonshine and Motor Oil

The existing Vintage Series offers a one-of-a-kind guitar with the original antique oil can or lunchbox used as the body. In addition, each guitar is built using parts from used instruments. It's simply up-cycling at its finest.

"While Bohemian Guitars have a distinct artistic appeal, they are made for real, everyday use," added Lee. "We have already started to expand production to meet international demand and look forward to introducing our distinct brand of guitars to musicians all over the world."

Bohemian Guitars will be demonstrating its new line of guitars at NAMM 2014 at booth #1153. For more information, visit

The Bohemian Guitar Boho series starts at $250 and will be offered as a bundle with accessories including the Amp ($50-$100) and the vintage inspired hard case ($75).

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