NAMM 2012: Vox unleashes AGA4-AT all-tube acoustic guitar amp

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Vox AGA Series amps have become favourites on the acoustic guitar scene, thanks to their astounding sound.

Created for the acoustic performer, the AGA4-AT builds on this solid foundation with a Class A all-tube chassis, a dynamic full-range speaker and a smooth, deep Reverb to deliver serious acoustic sound even at home!

With a sense of power that exceeds its class, this acoustic guitar amp delivers the fidelity, versatility, and reliability that more than meet the needs of playing live in small venue. The AGA4-AT is an ideal amp not only for acoustic/electric guitars, but for any acoustic instrument equipped with a pickup - such as fiddles, mandolins, ukuleles and flutes - and is sure to find a role in many musical scenarios.

Serious all-tube sound

The AGA4-AT features a Class A amplifier creating four watts of all-tube power. The preamp stage is driven by a 12AX7 dual-triode vacuum tube; power comes from a single EL84 pentode tube.

Equipped with a 6.5" full-range Vox Custom speaker, the AGA4-AT projects an excellent balance from the low to high ranges; enabling you to enjoy the subtle resonances and distinctive tone of your acoustic instrument. Even with all this sound and power, the AGA4-AT is extremely compact and portable, weighing just 6 kg.

Versatile controls offer creative freedom

In addition to separate tone and volume controls, the AGA4-AT's panel provides control for adding just the right amount of the rich, smooth Reverb effect - indispensable for creating a complete full-bodied acoustic tone without requiring any additional equipment.

Use the AUX IN jack to connect any external audio source such as a keyboard, an MP3 player - or even backing tracks on your laptop computer, meaning you can enjoy casual jam sessions with great acoustic tone.

Key Features

• Class A, all-tube, four watt amplifier design

• 12AX7 preamp tube; EL84 power tube

• 6.5 inch, full-range Vox Custom speaker

• Smooth, rich Reverb effect

• AUX IN jack for MP3 player, laptop tracks, keyboard, etc.

• Portable, compact design (weighs only 6 kg) for on-the-go use.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Vox.

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