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NAMM 2012: Vox unleashes AGA4-AT all-tube acoustic guitar amp

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Vox AGA Series amps have become favourites on the acoustic guitar scene, thanks to their astounding sound.

Created for the acoustic performer, the AGA4-AT builds on this solid foundation with a Class A all-tube chassis, a dynamic full-range speaker and a smooth, deep Reverb to deliver serious acoustic sound even at home!

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With a sense of power that exceeds its class, this acoustic amp delivers the fidelity, versatility, and reliability that more than meet the needs of playing live in small venue. The AGA4-AT is an ideal amp not only for acoustic/electric guitars, but for any acoustic instrument equipped with a pickup - such as fiddles, mandolins, ukuleles and flutes - and is sure to find a role in many musical scenarios.

Serious all-tube sound

The AGA4-AT features a Class A amplifier creating four watts of all-tube power. The preamp stage is driven by a 12AX7 dual-triode vacuum tube; power comes from a single EL84 pentode tube.

Equipped with a 6.5" full-range Vox Custom speaker, the AGA4-AT projects an excellent balance from the low to high ranges; enabling you to enjoy the subtle resonances and distinctive tone of your acoustic instrument. Even with all this sound and power, the AGA4-AT is extremely compact and portable, weighing just 6 kg.

Versatile controls offer creative freedom

In addition to separate tone and volume controls, the AGA4-AT's panel provides control for adding just the right amount of the rich, smooth Reverb effect - indispensable for creating a complete full-bodied acoustic tone without requiring any additional equipment.

Use the AUX IN jack to connect any external audio source such as a keyboard, an MP3 player - or even backing tracks on your laptop computer, meaning you can enjoy casual jam sessions with great acoustic tone.

Key Features

• Class A, all-tube, four watt amplifier design

• 12AX7 preamp tube; EL84 power tube

• 6.5 inch, full-range Vox Custom speaker

• Smooth, rich Reverb effect

• AUX IN jack for MP3 player, laptop tracks, keyboard, etc.

• Portable, compact design (weighs only 6 kg) for on-the-go use.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Vox.

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