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NAMM 2012: DiMarzio and Lamb Of God's Mark Morton announce Dominion pickups

NAMM 2012: DiMarzio has teamed up with Lamb Of God guitarist to launch the Mark Morton "Dominion" signature model pickup, which will be available in bridge and neck models.

According to Morton, "This pickup completes the circle for me. It's the missing link in my search for THE SOUND. The clean tones are like bells and pianos...simply gorgeous. The rhythms are the perfect balance of cream and crush. There's such a unique character to the saturation - it's thick and massive, but equally accurate and concise.

"The gain structure is super tight without sacrificing body and depth, and the lead tones are absolutely scorching. It's got all of the sear, slice and sustain you could ever ask for. Can you tell that I'm in love?!"

For more information, visit DiMarzio