NAMM 2011: Planet Waves announces new guitar products


Beatles Woven Guitar Straps

Planet Waves is thrilled to announce the release of the new Beatles Woven Guitar Straps. The new retro, nostalgic and vegan-friendly high resolution, four-colour designs present historical Beatles artwork to celebrate the music and artistry of the ever-influential band.

Arguably the most popular musical group to have ever existed, the Beatles continue to exist as an everlasting rock and roll icon. Planet Waves is proud to honour the Beatles' legacy with a collection of new woven guitar straps. In addition to the existing collection of Planet Waves' Beatles straps, six new designs featuring iconic album themes and timeless images that capture the enduring spirit and essence of the "Fab Four".

"The Beatles are simply legendary and one of the main reasons why popular music has become what it is today," says Planet Waves Manager of Product Management, Brian Vance. "These new woven straps are a commemorative salute to the true forefathers of rock and roll."

Quick Release and Planet Lock Straps

Planet Waves is proud to announce the newest additions to its strap collection with the Acoustic Quick Release Strap and additional Planet Lock Straps.

The Acoustic Quick Release patented technology is designed specifically for acoustic guitars and has a built-in, easily detachable, quick-release cord for the headstock. The Planet Lock patented design fits on any guitar and stays locked in place until the side pin is released. The Planet Lock Straps will fit on the guitar's already existing end pins so there is no need to purchase new pins to fit the strap.

Planet Waves now offers 13 models with Acoustic Quick Release and 38 models with the Planet Lock, including ultra-soft tubular nylon and affordable yet reliable polypropylene. "The Acoustic Quick Release and Planet Lock straps provide a sense of durability and security that no other straps offer," says Planet Waves Manager of Product Management, Brian Vance. "Once you lock the guitar strap on to the end pins, all you have to worry about is the next song on the set list!"

Guitar slides

The very easy-to-use D-Slyde premium glass slide is an extremely convenient tool. A glass guitar slide that attaches to any surface by using a hook-and-loop material adhered to the custom flat surface of the slide, each D-Slyde is handmade to achieve its custom shape and is then cut and fire-polished for a flawless finish. D-Slyde is engineered with an adhesive backing, so it can be placed on any surface, such as the back of a guitar's headstock, a mic stand, an amplifier, and more.

"When it comes to standardized musical accessory products, you have to think outside the box," says Rob Cunningham, Planet Waves Product Specialist. "The D-Slyde from Planet Waves makes it possible for the average player to switch from standard to slide playing without effort. Plus, you'll never lose it!"

Planet Waves' Chrome-Plated Brass Slide provides a bright, bell-like tone as well as excellent sustain, while the slide's chrome-plated brass shell provides a mirror-like shine for effortless gliding and offers an ease of playing on acoustic and electric guitars unlike any other slide.

"The new chrome-plated brass slide is a great step forward in conventional sliding methods for guitarists," says Planet Waves Product Design Specialist, Robert Cunningham. "The new design and materials used in development help to give guitarists an unparalleled ease of sliding on any type of guitar."

Guitar Rest

The Guitar Rest turns virtually any flat surface into a guitar stand. Simply lay the Guitar Rest over the edge of a flat surface and lean your instrument against the "neck pocket." This innovative design allows your guitar to rest securely in any situation. Perfect for situations where a guitar stand is unavailable or inconvenient, the Guitar Rest is made from pliable, finish-safe santoprene and resists movement on practically any surface, including amplifiers, tables, chairs, or desks. The Guitar Rest from Planet Waves also easily fits into any case or gig bag so players can take it wherever they go.

"Planet Waves has developed the Guitar Rest to solve the common problem that every guitarist encounters," says Planet Waves' Product Specialist, Rob Cunningham. "The Guitar Rest allows the guitarist to put their guitar down without having to worry about it falling over or being damaged."

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