NAMM 2011: Budda unveils Mark Nason amps

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE:Budda Amplification proudly announces the immediate availability of the Budda MN-100™ and MN-412™, a fully featured three-channel tube guitar amplifier head and 4x12 enclosure, featuring a custom Italian leather exterior by renowned footwear designer Mark Nason®.

The Budda MN-100 is a highly versatile, high-gain amplifier featuring three independent channels, a 120-watt power section driven by four EL34 tubes, and a preamp consisting of seven dual triode 12AX7 tubes.

The MN-100 also features dual 5U4 rectifier tubes and a solid-state rectifier, with Budda's patent-pending PowerPan™ variable rectification control that allows players to open uncharted tone territory by selecting tube rectification, diode rectification or anywhere between the two.

All three of the Budda MN-100's independent channels - Clean, Rhythm and Lead - include separate three-band EQ, Reverb, Resonance, Presence, and true bypass effects loop with send and return levels. Each channel also features OVER-BOOST™, a stompbox-style lead boost that engages an additional tube-driven gain circuit to give players a supercharged boost. The effects loop on channel 2 can also be used as a global loop for incredible versatility in effects routing.

The included nine-button foot controller switches all three channels digitally via MIDI, effects loops and OVER-BOOST functions, as well as Master Reverb and Master Boost, which is a second Master Volume control that can be used to boost the overall volume of the amp.

The Budda MN-100 also features a half-power switch for operating the amplifier in either 60- or 120-watt mode. The back panel features an amplifier chain section with power-amp inputs and a slave output, impedance selector and MIDI input and output for use in MIDI-switching rigs. The matching MN-412™ enclosure features four Budda Phat™ 12 loudspeakers and luxurious Mark Nason® leather covering.

In a unique convergence of modern precision and old-world artistry, this multi-faceted, innovative amplifier found its aesthetic equal in the custom Italian leathers, signature embellishments and metalwork of renowned footwear designer Mark Nason. No stranger to the rock & roll lifestyle, Mark Nason's signature couture creations stride easily from Sunset Strip to centre stage on the Budda MN-100 and MN-412. For those who crave both tone and luxury, the MN-100 is simply the best amplifier money can buy.

Budda amplifiers are played by Tomo Miličević (30 Seconds to Mars), Alex Skolnick, Leslie West (Mountain), Mark Sheehan (The Script), Michael Barrett and Mansur Zennelli (Closure in Moscow), Lillian Berlin and Cory Becker (Living Things) and Davy Knowles.

MN-100 Head

  • 120 watts into 16, 8 or 4 ohms with half-power switch
  • 3 channels: clean, rhythm and lead
  • 4xEL34 120w power section, 7x12AX7 preamp section and 2x5U4G rectifier tubes
  • Power amp can use 6L6Gc or EL34 tubes (plus KT66, KT88 5881 and 6CA7 with re-biasing)
  • Rectifier can use 5U4, 5AR4 or GZ34 tubes
  • Half-power switch for operating the amplifier in either 60 or 120 watt mode
  • Patent-pending PowerPan™ rectifier selector knob
  • Custom Italian leather covering by Mark Nason®
  • Separate three-band passive EQ on each channel
  • Separate Resonance & Presence controls on each channel
  • Master Volume and Master Boost
  • OVER-BOOST™ stompbox-style lead boost on each channel
  • Separate spring reverb control on each channel
  • High and low level ¼" inputs
  • Slave output/Power amp input
  • Separate true bypass effects loops on each channel with send and return level adjustments; the channel 2 effects loop can be used as global loop
  • MIDI control over channel switching with MIDI input and thru jacks
  • Silent LDR MIDI channel switching
  • Multi-function MIDI footswitch included
  • Made in the USA

MN-412 Enclosure

  • Custom Italian leather covering by Mark Nason
  • Four custom-designed 12" Budda Phat loudspeakers
  • Solid pine with finger-jointed corners
  • Closed back
  • Made in the USA

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Budda Amplification

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