NAMM 2008: Zoom promises "total solution" for guitarists

The ZFX Plug-in will be available either with an audio interface (top) or foot controller.
The ZFX Plug-in will be available either with an audio interface (top) or foot controller.

Zoom is the latest company to try its hand at producing a virtual guitar amp/effects package. Its new software is known as ZFX Plug-in, and will be available either with an audio interface (the Stack Package) or foot controller (Control Package).

The ZFX application looks similar in scope to many of its rivals and enables you to drag and drop amps, cabs and effects so that you can create your perfect tone. You get 12 guitar amps, five bass amps, 16 cabs and 41 stomp effects. You can also choose from four mic models.

As you might expect, all the 'hardware' in ZFX Plug-in is modelled on famous, well-respected gear. The likes of Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa/Boogie, Ampeg, Orange and Shure are all name-checked in the product literature.

ZFX Plug-in's companion USB audio interface is known as the S2t. Offering 24-bit/48kHz performance, this comes with dual mic preamps and contains a 12AX7 tube that's designed to warm up the Hi-Z instrument input.

The C5.1t foot controller has audio I/O too, but also features five assignable foot switches, six knobs and an expression pedal.

Both ZFX Plug-in packages will ship with a copy of Cubase LE 4 and support the VST plug-in standard on PC (standalone operation is also possible). Prices and release dates are still to be confirmed - at the time of writing, there's no ZFX Plug-in information on the Zoom website - but it's been rumoured that the Control Package will cost between $250 and $300.

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