Musikmesse 2014: Mesa/Boogie unleash new pedals

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Here s the Flux Five check out that five band EQ

Here's the Flux Five - check out that five-band EQ!

Mesa/Boogie Flux Five

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Next is the Throttle Box EQ which adds a graphic EQ to Mesa s popular Throttle Box overdrive

Next is the Throttle Box EQ, which adds a graphic EQ to Mesa's popular Throttle Box overdrive

Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box EQ

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And finally there s the Five Band Graphic nuff said

And finally, there's the Five-Band Graphic - 'nuff said

Mesa/Boogie Five-Band Graphic

Mesa/Boogie claimed Frankfurt as their stomping ground at Musikmesse this year with a new trilogy of tone-enhancing true bypass EQ pedals.

First up, the Flux Five (£249) enhances last year's vintage inspired Flux-Drive with five-band graphic EQ controls, adding extra shaping potential to the valve amp booster. Its new EQ capabilities can be applied to two preset modes, hi and lo gain, adding even more versatility.

Mesa's more aggressive-sounding Throttle Box has also been given a more balanced sound via the Throttle Box EQ (£249), maintaining all the rev power of the original while adding the same footswitchable hi and lo options. Scoop the mids via its mid cut control for added metal.

Those with enough dirt on their 'board can opt for the more affordable Boogie Five-Band Graphic (£199), giving any rig the enviable sound of high-end Mesa EQ. The hard bypass feature means your own amp's signature sound remains untouched until it's engaged via the single footswitch.

Each of these pedals looks set to broaden Mesa/Boogie's already iconic noise portfolio, offering a more cost-effective way of achieving the massive, studio-worthy sounds that amps like the Lone Star and Mark series are synonymous with. Mesa's new stompboxes will be available in the UK from June.

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