Musikmesse 2012: Brand new Roland guitar amps

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Custom built and supercharged for the stage, the new GA-112 and GA-212 are powerhouse guitar amplifiers.

With the latest COSM amp model onboard — Progressive Amp — the GA-112 and GA-212 empowers guitarists with original sound creation, intuitive control, and the ultimate in comfort, expression, and playability.

The GA-112 is perfect for rehearsal studios or small- to medium-scale live venues, while the GA-212 is designed for medium to large stages.

  • GA-112: One 12" speaker, 100W amp
  • GA-212: Two 12" speakers, 200W amp
  • Original COSM amp model (Progressive Amp) with incredible feel, attack, compression, and sustain
  • Morph from Clean to Super Extreme with the Drive knob and Boost button
  • Intuitive operation with simple, fast-access structure; two volume controls, three tone controls, presence, and reverb
  • Smart Channel memorises the latest position of knobs in all four channels without programming or saving
  • LED knobs show current position of knobs in any channel; great for dark stages

Progressive Amp

Built into the GA-112 and GA-212 is a new and unique COSM amp model called Progressive Amp. With the simple twist of the DRIVE knob and push of the Boost button, you can morph through a diverse sonic landscape of new amp sounds, from clean to Super Extreme.

Instant Access

No matter which sound you're going for, the GA series makes it fast and easy to find with only two volumes knobs, three tone-control knobs, and presence and reverb effects to navigate. From your mind to your fingers, the GA series inspires fast workflow and fluid performance.

Smart Channel

The new Smart Channel feature always saves the latest panel settings automatically, and you can recall four types of settings with a button push. No mystery, no confusion — the glowing LED knobs clearly indicate the positions of each parameter for the four memories, and help you visually check the current settings onstage.

Signature Style

GA-series amps are the brainchild of Roland and BOSS R&D, a world-leading force in cutting-edge sound. These amps feature the latest advancements in tone tech, yet they provide simplistic operation with signature styling. Turn heads with these attractive, road-tough amps that look as cool as they sound.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Roland

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