MusicRadar's Best Of Britpop Spotify playlist

8 June sees the release of a new three-CD compilation album entitled 'Common People. The Britpop Story.' Although most of the usual suspects feature - Pulp, Supergrass, Super Furry Animals - both Blur and Oasis are conspicuous by their absence.

Although one or two members of the MusicRadar team were still chewing crayons and calling teachers 'mum' by accident in 1995, some of us have fond, hazy memories of the Britpop era; hanging out in indie discos, drinking new-fangled alcopops and rocking the finest old-school Adidas tracksuit tops with our corduroy flares.

Quite frankly, we looked at the tracklisting of the forthcoming Common People compilation and apart from getting annoyed by that infuriating full stop, thought, 'we can do better'.

Despite some of the artists we'd like to have included not being available, MusicRadar's Best Of Britpop Spotify playlist is pretty damn comprehensive and includes 40 choice cuts from around 1993-1998.

While we don't want to give away the surprise, there are some forgotten gems from the likes of Puressence and Marion alongside dancefloor-fillers from Reef and Black Grape. And Noel and Liam swearing at each other. A lot.

Click here to get the playlist and party like it's the mid-1990s.

Think you can do better? Post links to your playlists in the comments box below. If you haven't got Spotify yet, or don't have the foggiest idea what the hell it is, click here.

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