Mojo auctions off signed Les Paul for War Child

Music magazine Mojo is auctioning a Gibson Les Paul Standard Traditional Goldtop guitar signed by a host of rock's biggest names to raise money for the charity War Child.

The auction follows the recent 2010 Mojo Honours list ceremony in London for which War Child were the chosen charity.

Folk-rock hero Richard Thompson, winner of this year's Les Paul Award, was the first to sign the guitar with other awards attendees leaving their mark too. Along with Thompson's, names on the guitar include: Jimmy Page, Duane Eddy, Richard Hawley, Bill Nelson, Blur bassist Alex James and Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh.

Click here to visit War Child's eBay page to read more or to bid on the guitar. The auction ends this Sunday (25th July).

At the time of writing the bidding stands at just over £2150, if we had the money spare we'd certainly snap it up. If you win please bring the guitar into the MusicRadar office so we can bask in its glory…

Check out the pictures below to see some of the prestigious company this axe keeps:

Jimmy Page holds the signed Gibson Les Paul

Bill Nelson, Duane eddy, the guitar, an award and two varieties of hat...

2010 Les Paul Award winner Richard Thompson

For more information on the excellent work being done by War Child click here.

Si Truss

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