Michael Jackson's Thriller coming to Broadway

Jacko's got a "big secret"
Jacko's got a "big secret"

In the Could-be-good-but-could-be-really bad Department, Michel Jackson has partnered with Broadway producer James Nederlander to bring a stage version of Thriller to the Great White Way.

"It'll be big," Jeff O'Keefe, a representative for the Nederlander Organization, told MusicRadar. "Right now, things are very much in the preliminary stages. But obviously we're looking at a show that is lavish and huge and delivers on all levels. Musically and visually, it'll have it all."

According to O'Keefe, a creative team has yet to be assembled, but he said that the musical will incorporate songs from both Thriller and Off The Wall into a story that "basically re-creates the video we all know from the song Thriller: boy meets girl, they fall in love, but boy has a big secret."

Jackson will be working on "various, if not all aspects of the show. I'm sure if he's not happy with something, he'll make his feelings known" Jeff O'Keefe, rep from the Nederlander Organization

And what is that big secret again? "Well, he's a vampire," said O'Keefe, laughing.

Oh, that's right. We forgot.

No budget, no timeline

"There's no clock ticking on this," O'Keefe stressed. "There's no budget, no timeline. The plan is to put all the elements together and bring it to Broadway when everything's there."

When asked if Quincy Jones, who produced both albums, would be brought on board as musical director, O'Keefe said it "was too early to figure out who from those days might get involved."

That includes John Landis, who directed the then-groundbreaking 14-minute Thriller video. "I can't even tell you if Landis has been contacted yet," said O'Keefe. "We're just at the announcing stage."

Still, O'Keefe stressed that Michael Jackson would be working with James Nederlander on "various, if not all aspects of the show. Again, it's early. But I'm sure if he's not happy with something, he'll make his feelings known."

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