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Metal band want your 'scars' for artwork

Skinlab will "handpick" your scar. Nice
Skinlab will "handpick" your scar. Nice

San Franciscan metal outfit Skinlab have issued a plea… for your scars. They want fans to send in photos of their "most gruesome" injuries to feature on the artwork for aptly titled new album The Scars Between Us.

"We are looking for pictures of the most gruesome scars that you have to offer. Only the most gruesome of scars will make it into the artwork for the band's July 21 release entitled The Scars Between Us."

"The scars will be handpicked by us. Please send the best-quality picture of your scar; no camera phone shots. Please send all photos to Only the sickest will make it into the new album artwork!"

We, er… can't wait to see the results.

(Via: Blabbermouth)