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Maximise space on your pedalboard with RockBoard's Flat Patch Cables

If you've read our guide to assembling a mini pedalboard, or seen any pro or MusicRadar reader pedalboards lately, you'll know that low-profile patch cables are key to making the most of your pedalboard's real estate, and German guitar/bass behemoth Warwick has just unveiled one of the most discreet yet, the RockBoard Flat Patch Cable.

As you might expect, the Flat Patch's right-angled connectors and cables are flat - and only 7.5mm high - but they're also flexible, making for easy plugging and unplugging on your 'board, while a low conductor resistance and shielding prevent signal loss.

Assuming it sounds good, we welcome any new entry into the patch-cable arena, particularly when it results in more room for pedals on your 'board. RockBoard's Flat Patch Cables are available now in four sizes: 10cm (€4.70), 20cm (€5.30), 30cm (€5.88) and 60cm (€6.48).