Line 6 launches Spider Valve MkII guitar amps

PRESS RELEASE: Line 6, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music creation products, launched today its new Spider Valve MkII guitar amplifiers. The latest collaborative effort from Line 6 and Reinhold Bogner, the new amp line offers the flexibility of world-class modeling, the performance of boutique-style tube-amp design and many new features inspired by the original Spider Valve amplifiers, the line's award-winning predecessors.

"Spider Valve MkII amplifiers offer all the warmth and punch you'd expect from Reinhold Bogner, one of the top names in boutique amplifier design," comments Aaron Suplizio, Line 6 product marketing manager.

"Plus, combined with the most advanced Line 6 amp models to date, premium effects, a direct-record output and extensive MIDI control, Spider Valve MkII is a complete package for all kinds of professional guitarists."

The new amplifier line is well-rounded with two 40-watt combos and a powerful 100-watt head. The Bogner-designed preamp and power sections add boutique-style response to the Line 6 modeling: 12AX7 preamp tubes deliver creamy, cascading distortions and enriched tube harmonics; perfectly matched 6L6 power tubes (two in each combo; four in the head) drive the Celestion Vintage 30 speakers to provide unprecedented sonic impact.

Each Spider Valve MkII amplifier features 16 rich-sounding amp models and 20 brilliant on-board Smart FX. The amp models, inspired by the most celebrated modern and vintage guitar tones, provide the next generation in Line 6 amp tone.

The on-board effects deliver a complete palette of colors and textures including a collection of beautiful delays, tangy mods and lush reverbs. Players also get access to cutting-edge effects including the astonishingly responsive Smart Harmony, a built-in looper, auto-wah and more. Four effects can be used simultaneously and edited completely to create the perfect sonic landscapes. Plus, every working player's dream, Spider Valve MkII amplifiers can save up to 128 user-programmed presets.

Foot-controller and MIDI connectivity make Spider Valve MkII the essential studio and stage centerpiece. A Line 6 FBV foot controller can add a volume/wah pedal, tap tempo for all time-based effects, control over Pitch Glide, an easy-to-read LCD chromatic tuner display and more.

Spider Valve MkII 112 combo: £631.35 MSRP inc VAT
Spider Valve MkII 212 combo: £780.85 MSRP inc VAT
Spider Valve MkII HD100 head: £746.35 MSRP inc VAT

Digital Village launch

In addition, On Saturday 26 September 2009, Line 6 and Digital Village will be showcasing the all new Spider IV amp range.

"Spider IV amplifiers are feature-packed with new artist-created presets and amp models, gorgeous new effects, FBV foot controller compatibility, and so much more," remarks Aaron Suplizio. "These amplifiers are perfect for guitarists who want artist-quality tones and effects, and complete versatility at a great value."

Line 6 also have a special promotion to celebrate the launch of the Spider IV amplifier and FBV MKII controllers. Buy any of the new Spider IV amplifiers with an FBV MKII foot controller by September 30th to get your FREE BackTrack.

The event will be held from 12pm - 4pm at:
DV North London
141 High Street

Tel: 020 8440 3440
Guitar Department: 020 8275 3111
Fax: 020 8275 3229

For more information, visit

Information taken from official press release

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