Led Zeppelin tour dead for now says Jimmy Page

Not gettin' the Led out...yet
Not gettin' the Led out...yet

Jimmy Page all but threw a wet blanket on a rumoured Led Zeppelin reunion tour at a Toronto Film Festival press conference where he was promoting the documentary film It Might Get Loud.

With all three guitarist profiled in the movie - Page, U2's The Edge and White Stripes frontman Jack White - present and fielding questions from reporters, the "elephant in the room," as one journalist put it, was whether recent jam sessions with Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer Jason Bonham would lead to a tour.

"We're not actually really recording," said Page. "We played at the O2 (concert in London last year). That was our reunion."

Regarding talk of jam sessions, Page added, "It's nothing as monumental as what people are speculating and projecting."

Page didn't come right out and say it, but apparently Robert Plant's successful US tour with country singer Alison Krauss has put the brakes on a Led Zeppelin tour. "If you're going to do a reunion, you need four members," he said.

Looks like fans hoping to climb the Stairway To Heaven one more time can stay grounded, at least for now.

Joe Bosso

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