Kid Rock gets probation for Waffle House scuffle

Rock and his PSA buds
Rock and his PSA buds

Kid Rock seems like the mellowest of mellow dudes, but apparently he has a hot temper, and now he's been sentenced to a years's probation as a result of a fight that took place last year at a Waffle House in Atlanta, Georgia.

Additionally, Rock was sentenced to six hours of anger management counseling and 80 hours of community service. (This usually means cleaning garbage - fun stuff.)

Rock allegedly became involved in a fight at the Waffle House restaurant following his performance at the Atlanta Tabernacle on October 21. He and five of his friends reportedly challenged a male customer who recognized a woman in Kid Rock's party and exchanged words with her.

The singer pleaded no contest to one count of simple battery. Four counts of battery were dropped.

We're guessing that the judge, when issuing the lenient sentence, hadn't seen Rock's hilariously ironic Public Service Announcement, a brilliant tongue-in-cheek rip against illegal downloading in which the singer sarcastically advises customers to "steal everything - iPods, computers, cars, level the playing field!"

It's a hoot. Check it out here.

Joe Bosso

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