JamVOX monitor and software system plugs you into the band

JamVOX is a new package from Vox that extracts the guitar part from an MP3 audio file and allows users to play along with the rest of the mix.

With a front end that will be familiar to users of plug-in amp modellers like IK Multimedia's AmpliTube or Line 6's GearBox, the JamVOX software contains models of 19 iconic guitar amplifiers and 54 vintage and modern effects.

Using its GXT (Guitar XTracktion) function, you can mute or extract the guitar part of an existing song and then set up an appropriate setting from the library of tones to jam along with the rhythm section, learn a tricky phrase or much more.

A dedicated full-range USB monitor is included. Housing two three-inch drivers, it also has a mic input and can be used as a USB audio interface compatible with ASIO/CoreAudio.

In addition, two guitar karaoke CDs are bundled for you to play along with, containing 28 classics from various eras of rock history.

JamVOX is available from August 2008 and will retail for £155 in the UK. Visit the official Vox Amplification website for more information and tech spec.

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