Is this the high-end Gibson USA Hendrix guitar?

Amidst one of the most controversial product launches of all time, Gibson has posted a blog entitled Live From The Production Line At Gibson USA that seems to indicate that a high-end Jimi Hendrix model is set to join the Authentic Hendrix electric guitar packages announced earlier this week.

The pictures show unfinished instruments awaiting hardware and electronics but it is apparent that they are set neck in construction and appear to be routed for a large locking vibrato system and three single-coil sized pickups.

In addition, the headstock - sporting an Authentic Hendrix logo around the back - sees Gibson's famous 'open book' outline integrated into a reverse Stratocaster-style six-a-side peghead.

View the original blog post on the Gibson site here. Comments on the Gibson site indicate that the hostile response to the cheaper packages is set to be mirrored, with one user called 'Ryyyan' posting the following:

"Wow. Somebody get out the tugboat, because a large shipment of FAIL just came up the Mississippi. What an insult and obvious money grab. About as bad as the Hendrix Electric Vodka."

However, these guitars at least appear to be marginally less Strat-derivative than their lower-priced siblings. We look forward to seeing the finished product.

Interestingly, despite being a tribute to popular music's second most famous southpaw - behind Paul McCartney - at the time of writing, leftie models have yet to be confirmed at any pricepoint.

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