INXS didn't ditch JD Fortune

Fortune's claims are lame, says former manager
Fortune's claims are lame, says former manager

Last week we reported on reality TV star JD Fortune's account of how INXS dumped him from the band, leaving him high and dry at a Hong Kong airport.

Not so, says the band's former manager and now record company head, Chris Murphy - both the sacking and the location.

"Not only are we shocked by the claims, even the place the supposed incident was to have taken place is a mystery to the band," Murphy told the Daily Telegraph.

Murphy said that the band has a new recording deal in the works up with his own label Petrol Records and that Fortune was supposed to be a part of it. "I guess I have no reason to call him now," he said.

"I'm not living anywhere. The only friend I have is this guitar" JD Fortune, former INXS singer

Fortune became lead singer for INXS after winning the reality TV show Rockstar: INXS. In a pair of interviews (see below) with Canada's Entertainment Tonight, he said his erratic behavior and cocaine addiction led to his dismissal from the band, and that he was currently living in his car.

JD Fortune interview, part one

JD Fortune interview, part two

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