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Iconic Sound LightLead promises to be "world's first optical analogue instrumental cable"

While most instrument cables use copper to deliver audio signals, Iconic Sound's LightLead allows audio to travel down the cable fibre as "Analogue Light", making it the "world's first optical analogue instrument cable".

Iconic Sound claims that not only is there no digitisation of the signal, but there's no loading, no capacitance and no microphonics, thus delivering a clearer, more dynamic signal, no matter what the length - and the cable is fully isolated from electrical shocks, too, owing to its non-conductive fibre-optic construction.

The LightLead uses two AA batteries at each end, which last 18 hours, and the cable also features 'Light Gears', which offer the ability to roll off frequencies to emulate older cables.

Check out the comparison video between traditional copper cable and the LightLead above, and let us know what you think.

For more info, head over to LightLead's six-month Kickstarter campaign and Iconic Sound.