Hot video: U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - literal version

Looks like Bono found it
Looks like Bono found it

Of course you've seen U2's classic video to I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Vegas in the wee hours. Bono rolling on top of a stranger's car. The Edge strumming away like a cigar store Indian. It's buried in the thicket of your senses.

Until now. A British filmmaker by the name of KeithFK has made his own 'literal version' of the U2 gem, and you'll never look at the video or think of the song in quite the same way ever again.

Check out Keith FK's literal version here, and relish the sound of 'Bono' (it's the voice of somebody, and it's not good, which is the point) as he sings lines such as "I'm in slow motion with people who wear my T-shirts" and "Random woman, my wife will kill me."

It's all good, especially the lyric, "I'm lookin' at Edge in a gay way. He's not impressed, so I look away at the camera." Fact is, Keith FK's got the scene pretty much nailed.

The New Wave of video art

The U2 clip is the second to catch our eye in as many weeks, Just recently there was video artist DustoMcNeato from Pasadena, California, who turned heads with his 'literal version' of A-ha's one hit, Take On Me.

Lines such as "Band montage!" and "I'm gunna kick some ass with my own pipe wrench" are vast improvements over the originals. And if this is just a sample of what Dusto is capable of, we can't wait for more.

So sit back, click on the links and bask in true video genius.

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