Hear Paul McCartney's The Fireman album in full

McCartney gets his Youth back
McCartney gets his Youth back

The Fireman - Paul McCartney's electronic collaboration with producer/musician Youth - are streaming their new album Electric Arguments at their brand new MySpace page.

And unlike another album that is coming out shortly and is also streaming right now, this one is a stone-cold winner from beginning to end.

Electric Arguments, like The Fireman's predecessors, 1993's Strawberries Oceans Ships Forests and 1998's Rushes, is an eclectic and and varied album of bold experimentation. But there's more of an emphasis on solid songs here, the kind that grab you by the labels and don't let go. (You know - the kind of thing McCartney's good at.)

Songs written, recorded in one day

Which is pretty surprising considering the fact that each track was written and recorded in the space of one day. McCartney and Youth went into the studio with no plan or clear direction of how they wanted the album to sound. Despite this haphazard approach, strong tunes emerged.

Want to hear Electric Arguments in its entirety? Simpy visit The Fireman's MySpace page and revel in tracks such as Nothing Too Much Out Of Sight, Two Magpies and Sing The Changes.

It just might make you forget all about buying that record by...what's that guy's name again?...Axl someone or other...

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