Guns N' Roses' new single Better premieres

Axl's hoping Better is Best
Axl's hoping Better is Best

There's still six days to go till Gun N' Roses' Chinese Democracy finally hits the shelves, and already we have a second single called Better.

Is Better 'better' than Chinese Democracy, the title track, which was released less than a month ago? Click on this link and judge for yourself.

Early fan reaction is mostly positive. Of the 91 reviews posted on Best Buy's website (most, if not all, based on album leaks and demo-sharing), eight mentioned Better as a particular favorite.

The fans sound off

JayceAce23 from Appleton, Wisconsin, writes: "A spinning, writhing mash up of mid tempo good ness into a metal breakdown that you're sure to remember...this is an amazing groove...original and intense in it's scope but close enough to vintage Guns that old school fans will dig it...amazing guitar work!

NugsNDoses from The Sleepy West of the Woddy East, says: "Better is the last 18 years of hard rock crammed into 1 song. Genius. One of the best tracks in this collection."

MusicRadar will be bringing you more stories and Guns N' Roses exclusives during the week.

In the meantime, what do you think? Is Better destined to be a classic, or should Axl phone up Slash and Duff and get the old gang back together?