New Guns N' Roses single hits radio

The song's called what again?
The song's called what again?

Chinese Democracy, the title track from the upcoming Guns N' Roses' album, hit US radio outlets today (22 October) as a download at 5 am.

Which means one thing: free Dr Pepper is on the way!

Although some album tracks leaked this summer (and the blogger accused of posting them on YouTube recently pled innocent), this is the first authorized new music from Guns N' Roses in nine years. (Well, except for Shackler's Revenge, which is available on Rock Band 2. So this is really the second bit of authorized new music. Doesn't sound so exciting when we put it like that, huh?)

The album Chinese Democracy is due - yes, it looks like it's really true - 23 November exclusively at Best Buy outlets in the US. The 14-track set includes only three songs that have not either been performed live or leaked online in recent years.

Check it out!

Okay then. Surely, you must be itching to hear this sucker, right? Well, here you go. Listen to the song Chinese Democracy right here. Hmmm, nice cowbell. Think Will Ferrell had anything to do with it?

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